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Documenting December - 12.3.2012

Hi Everyone its Tara from the 2Peas Digital Creative Team.  This month we are bringing you a weekly feature on December Memory Keeping.  I am working the the fabulous Katherine to bring you two different perspectives on how we are documenting our holidays.

Today I'm going to share with you how I plan my documentation strategies for December.  First let me tell you that I don't do anything but shop for supplies in advance.  Actually I shop year round for anything an everything Christmas and I'll be the first to admit I have a "small" problem. If you were to "ahem" look through my order history here at 2Peas you would probably see some Christmas product old or new in every order!

When it comes to December I tend to be more hybrid in my approach.  I love the easy of digital but love the lure of all the bits and pieces of life, especially those around the holidays. 

This year I would like to think I'm on top of things and have my core pages done in advance but I just tend to stare at it all over and over and do nothing.  However, what I do in advance is this:

1. Make a bucket list of things we want to do over December

2. Make a photo list of the images I want to capture.

3. Gather my supplies.

4. Look at everyone's pretty already set up albums. (Be sure to check the galleries I saw a peak at Lisa's AKA Gluestickgirl on instagram and love it!

5. Print my printables.

6. Have a December Project file set up on my desktop with all my digital files and a place to store my processed images for this project.

So lets talk Project Life, I also do project life so not only do I want a mini album but I still need to do something for my big album.  Here's my thoughts on this.  I can include it all in my big album or not.  I feel like there are lots of stories that happen in our lives that I should have more than enough to spilt between the two.  My mini album I want to focus on the holiday's. the people, the traditions, the places, the food, the festivities.  Project Life is then free to capture our everyday life.  Besides the holiday magic, I am still a student in college, I still teach 27 Kindergarten children on placement twice a week,  I still commute, talk to friends, talk to my family, love my boys, attend parent teacher meetings and lets not forget the onslaught of DR appointments and prescriptions that seem to be running my life right now.  See, lots for both and not all about my children. 

Also I don't print my photos at home, I have a lovely bunch of ladies at my local print shop that I trust my photos to.  It's just more cost effective but not as time efficient.  My printables I print on my trusty HP and I love using them!  There are so many to choose from here at the Digital Store.

The December 2012 Bucket List 

1. Christmas Books Daily from December 1-24

2. Visiting Santa at our local tree farm

3. Elf on the Shelf (new in our house)

4. Driving Christmas Light Tour

5. Baking with the boys

6. Gingerbread Houses

7. Christmas Movies

8. Christmas Jammies for everyone!

The December 2012 Photo List

1. Bokeh Christmas Lights

2. Christmas Tree Decorating/Decorated

3. Stocking Hung

4. Santa & the kids 

5. Holiday Beverages 

6. Special Ornaments

7. Outdoor Christmas Decor

8. Wrapping/wrapped Christmas Presents

9. Roasting Marshmallows/chestnuts

10. Christmas cards

11. Our traditions - playing cards, the Christmas pickle, elf, etc.

12. Baking - the recipes, baker, the process and the product.

13. Food - Christmas treats, snacks, fruit, specialties etc.

14. Gingerbread village (at least at our house), gingerbread houses, and people.

15. Those we love.

16. YOU

17. Weather, nature

18. Holiday shopping

19. Christmas/Holiday pageants, parades and festivities 

20. Everyday Moments

And of course all the Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day fun!

I can't wait to show you all some of my mini album and my Project Life album later this month.  I hope this helps you to organize yourself for this December and I hope that this helps you not feel overwhelmed not starting a format as yet.  I know it always stressed me out and I felt behind, who needs that stress at all right?

Have a wonderful December.


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2Ps Digi Designers said...

I've read this whole thing like 4 times now start to finish - it really is an inspiring start for the month

12/4/2012 8:11:47 AM

fruitysuet said...

I'm so impressed by your organisation and really like your photo op list.

12/4/2012 11:17:12 AM

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