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"Day" 4: Velvet Bow Bracelet Tutorial

I love to give cute accessories as gifts to my girlfriends and sisters during the holidays. I also love a great cuff bracelet, and when I sat down to play with SEI's velvet paper, I knew it would make a fabulous bow bracelet:

To make your own, you will need a piece of velvet paper about 3 inches wide and long enough to go around your wrist with an inch overlap. My piece was about 8 inches long. You will also need a pair of scissors and a snap kit.

Start by cutting the rectangle of velvet into an oval. It doesn't have to be perfect, but the edges should be smooth.

Cut a small strip for the center of the bow. Pinch the center of the oval and pleat your bow as you'd like. Then secure the strip around the bow and secure with glue.

Follow the instructions on your snap kit to add the snaps. You'll need a pretty good sized hammer - my little eyelet setting hammer wasn't good enough. You could also use the sew-on kind of snaps, or even hook and loop fasteners if you'd like.

You may want to mention to your gift recipient that the bracelet is made of paper, so it shouldn't be submerged in water or yanked on very hard. But she won't mind because she's going to love it! If red isn't her color, SEI offers several others that are sure to suit all the girls on your shopping list.


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