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Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS  and The Gift of Berry Sprouts!
I hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday season with the ones you love!  For this Christmas Day post, I just wanted to share a quick, personal story of a dollar store gift I received several years back that has stayed with me all this time!  
Each year, we 'lend' our kids about $10 to spend at the dollar store on their family--Mom, Dad and brother(s), sister(s) since they are just too little to earn their own money!  Well, you know what you'll find at the dollar store, and it's usually something you'll toss out after a few weeks, but this gift was different and it meant a lot to me.  
My little Marli-girl bought me two little 'berry sprouts' as my gift.  It was kind of funny as I unwrapped them, just two little branches with berries on the tips...some of the berries were already white from being tossed around, and the red paint chipping off, plus,  just the branches alone didn't really serve a purpose...they needed something to go with them.... or did they?  Well, I quickly realized they didn't. These little berry branches reminded her of me because I like to craft and "make things" so she knew that I would find them very neat all by themselves AND because she thought I could come up with something crafty for them!  
In the end, I did come up with something 'crafty' for them--I simply placed them on a shelf to be seen in my scrapbook/craft room.  I pass them often, even now, and even though I've purchased many more 'berry sprouts' over the years to serve some crafting purpose, I've never felt the need to put these two branches to any other use...they are being used every day as a reminder of what gift giving is.  It didn't matter the cost or the purpose of the gift, what really mattered is that it was picked JUST FOR ME, by my sweet little three year old daughter!  
I've used them in my photo as a little reminder of what really matters today...a little tattered, a little torn, but one of my all time favorite gifts!  
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!



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