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Project Life: Hello 2013, Let's get started

Project Life: 2013 Openig Page

Hello there! I’m Kimberly Kalil and I’m super excited to be here to talk one of my favorite memory keeping endeavors: Project Life* digital style.

This year marks my second year doing Project Life. I started January of 2012 and was intent on doing a hybrid version of Project Life, even though I’m 100% digital in all my other scrapbooking. That lasted about six weeks. With my busy life, I couldn’t keep up and frankly I wasn’t enjoying the hybrid part of the project. Not that hybrid is bad, it’s just not me. I loved my album (six weeks of it), but the process was tedious and I was beginning to dread putting together my pages together.

At that point, I switched over to an all-digital version of Project Life and things changed: suddenly I really loved the project and I loved the process.  

This leads to the most important advice I can give you when embarking on Project Life (or any year-long project for that matter: you know who you are, so don’t pretend to be something you’re not. What do I mean? I knew I couldn’t do a year-long hybrid project. It doesn’t fit into my busy traveling and family life. But I committed myself to hybrid anyway and it was a disaster. As soon as I honored who I am as a crafter – all digital, all the time – then I found success in Project Life. I loved creating my pages, I loved the final product and I loved the fact I started focusing on the every day.  

The next bit of advice I’ll give you is simple: decide early on how you want to approach Project Life. Are you going to take a photo a day? Are you going to do a two-page spread each week or two-pages for each month? Are you going to add paper ephemera to your digital layouts? There is no right answer. Do what you love and what works for you. It will sustain you on the weeks you are busy or feeling a little less that creative. Having an overall plan helps you stay on track.

Finally, get organized. I have a folder (see above) on my computer that’s called “Project Life” … I know, not very creative, but it works. Inside this folder, I have all my favorite Project Life supplies. I have them group together by categories (subfolders) such designers I like to use, templates and the year the pages are being created for. This way, when you sit down to create your pages you have a single place to go to find all your supplies. This saves time and frustration while you’re working.

Being organized made it super easy for me to complete not just my opening page (seen above), but also the first week's pages (below).

Project LifeL Week 1

Above all, have fun. This is supposed to be a fun project. Find joy in documenting the every day. It will make you more grateful for all that you have and for your life in general – at least it did for me. Also, check back here the second and fourth Wednesday of each month (barring a natural disaster or impromptu vacation) to see my Project Life pages, as well as any advice or tips I might be able to share. And if you’re interested, come on over to my blog and see what else I’m working on, including lots of freebies you can use on your pages.

*Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  Learn more at

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User Comments On This Blog Post

Janelle Miller said...

This is a GREAT blog post , so inspiring. I love your pages and double love that Cooper's OLW is "carrot" - that is the best!

1/9/2013 8:23:29 AM

lizj said...

Kimberly, your PL journaling cards are awesome! Thanks for sharing! (Yes, that was me that just downloaded ALL of them!!!)

1/9/2013 9:04:52 AM


Hey Kimberly! love your cards!!! And I am with you....I am 100% Digital but I just love Becky's pocket pages! So I am doing a Hybrid version....Love your pages!

1/9/2013 9:51:11 AM

TrumanStudio said...

Love love this. I am attempting PL this year and going to try a hybrid this year!! Can't wait to follow along!

1/9/2013 10:05:56 AM

kimberly.kalil said...

Though I do my pages digitally, I still use Becky Higgins' pocket pages. I find they work really good for ephemera and such. I can tuck all the paper bits of life into them and then add them in between pages.

1/9/2013 11:41:26 AM

Rhadondas said...

Great suggestions. I am going to try digital PL this year. Here goes! Thanks for the encouragement and help.

1/9/2013 11:49:53 AM

HoneyBee13 said...

So Inspiring! Love your pages are digital, one day I won't intimidated by it.

1/12/2013 1:07:32 PM

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