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Photo Inspiration Challenge #1 1/5 - 01/21

Here is a stamping challenge to start challenges in the Stamping Forum off for the year.  This is a Photo Inspiration challenge, which is easy.


1) Create a project (card, atc, layout, etc) using the following photo for your inspiration.

2) Your project must include image stamping.

3) Please upload your project to the two peas gallery and link to this challenge by checking the box at the appropriate step before uploading.  Please include in your description what about this photo inspired you (a detail, colors, etc).  

4) Please also link your project to the thread for this challenge in the Stamping Forum so we can all find it easily to admire and comment on it.

Image credit:

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gleestormont said...

that photo is soooo beautiful!

1/11/2013 3:35:05 PM

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