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Day 1 CHA, Winter 2013!!!

It was Day 1 at the show today and we were busy!  Love being busy - it makes the day go faster :) 

I have a few more shots of the booth to show.  I actually started the e-mail early this morning but my computer shut down in the middle of blogging.  Grrrr.  I remember I had said something cute about having "people".  Since we've joined forces with Hampton Art, we now have "people" we can call on for stuff.  We had "people" to help set-up the booth.  We had "people" fix our crates.  We had "people" to vacuum our carpets.  I kinda like having "people". :) 

Here's some pics you've been looking for!  Oh, and I apologize for how dark some of these are!

CHA 2013_Chilled Cucumber Board 2
Chilled Cucumber board - I'll have close-ups of Kimber's layout later.

CHA 2013_Hello Card 2
Cute "hello" card using the new Placemats and Chilled Cucumber.

CHA 2013_Wise Words Board 2
Here's the Wise Words board with lots of fantastic cards!

CHA 2013_Lainas Placemat Layout 2
Laina's Ready to Rock layout using the Placemats.

CHA 2013_Screen Door 2
The screen door with tons of projects on it. :)  I promise to take some more pics tomorrow with better lighting!

CHA 2013 _Soup Staples II Board

Soup Staples II board.  Nicole's layout is pretty awesome!

CHA 2013_Jills Placemat Circle Layout Project 2
Another project using the Placemats!

More later - promise!  Oh and I need to get all our winners posted this weekend.

Have a great evening!


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