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Designer Interviews: Brandin O'Neill


We hope you're enjoying our CHA Winter designer interview series.  Today we're excited to share what Brandin O'Neill has to say about the new collections from Webster's Pages!


What are your upcoming collections? Modern Romance, New Beginnings, Composition & Color by Allison Kreft & Sweet Notes by Allison Kreft





What was the inspiration behind them?  Where do you look for inspiration? Color, color, color! Everything starts with a color palate & what makes us happy. Clippings from home décor, parties, live events, textures, fabrics, coffee shops…ha…lots of coffee shops.

Once you have a concept for a collection, what is the design process like? Everything starts with pantone selections and then the unexplainable “mood” designing comes in. What I mean by that is putting uplifting music on, filling the air with great scents & surrounding myself with happy, pretty things. Then designing on paper & on the monitor with the selected colors just starts to  “happen”.

How do you decide on the name for a line?  How do you name the papers? Sometimes we start with a name that gets us the mood that we want to create & we use that as a design springboard, but sometimes as the designing starts, we come up with great images that were not a part of the plan and puts a twist on the collection name….honestly, I love when that happens!

What is the most rewarding part of developing a collection?  What is the most challenging? Rewarding & challenging are the same for me…sending it to our international fan base for the first time. We have so many loyal fans & friends that we consider family & that’s great. But sometimes family gives you opinions that sometimes are hard to hear…but that’s GREAT, because we design for them. Not us. So with every collection, we take the inputs from our fans & try our very best to create the perfect blend of lines for them…because that’s what it’s all about. Our customers.


What is your favorite piece from your new releases? It has to be our new relationship with Allison Kreft Designs. I love all of our new collections but I cherish our new brand added to our family. Allison knocked her two new collections, Composition & Color and Sweet Notes, out of the park. And I think Modern Romance & New Beginnings collections will make our classic Webster’s Pages customers very happy. That’s our ultimate goal :o)


Thanks so much for sharing with us, Brandin!

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