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White Balance ?

I was out early yesterday and took some pictures at the nearby park area. Since it was early the sun was low in the sky with that warm gold tinge that you see at sunrise and sunset. The SOOC shots have that warm gold toning which I think I like of course, with the use of technology I can bring them back to a more neutral tonning, but should I? 

I think I like the warm early morning tones.


 This one has the colours balanced back to eliminate the golden glow:


I love the two geese I've marked in this shot. The one in the back looks like he is skating, the one in front looks like he just took too big a step and is fighting to get his balance back.

This shot that I took in the back of my own garden before leaving really demonstrates the colour difference. The tops of the trees behind, are being hit with the direct light from the rising sun while the garden is just in the cool indirect light.

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patspix said...

Love the shots with the geese! I imagine the footing is as tricky for them as it would be for us. They DO look as if they were skating. And good for you for working with the white balance.

1/19/2013 12:21:33 PM

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