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Project Life: Already falling behind?

Hello again. Kimberly here, I’m excited to be back here on the blog to talk about one of my favorite things: {Digital} *Project Life.

So, how’s Project Life going for you? I have a confession to make. I’m behind already. I was totally trucking along and then I went on vacation. Being on vacation threw a wrench in Project Life process. I’ve designated Sunday afternoon as my assembly day. I sit down for a few hours, gather my photos, pick the stories I want to tell and plop them all into a digital template. This last Sunday, when I should have been creating my Week 3 pages, I was at Disneyland with my family. I guess I could have tried to put my pages together after a long day at the park, but I purposefully left my laptop at home.

When I get behind I rely heavily on one of my favorite iPhone aps: Momento. Momento – a unique approach to diary writing – aggregates all my social media accounts and creates a digital diary of everything I found worthy enough to post on various sites around the Internet. I can sync my Momento account with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr … to name a few. In a single places I can see all the photos I posted or my various status updates, as well as any “moments” I want to record within the application, like funny things my kids say or milestones that might be more private and less Facebook appropriate.

When I fall behind with my Project Life pages, I always turn to Momento to refresh my memory as to what happened during the week or weeks I’m catching up with. I’ve been amazed how quickly I forget the little details of life, which is why I love this ap so much. I’ve set a little time aside today to catch up and I’ll be culling though all my Momento entries to see what’s important and what I want to share.

Are there any smartphone aps you use to help with Project Life? Any must-have aps Project Life newbies “must” download?

Before I sign off, I do have a few pages to share. My pages for Week 2 were done on schedule and that was quite a feat given my travel schedule that particular week.


Check back here the second and fourth Wednesday of each month (barring a natural disaster or impromptu vacation) to see my Project Life pages, as well as any advice or tips I might be able to share. And if you’re interested, come on over to my blog and see what else I’m working on, including lots of freebies you can use on your pages.

*Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  Learn more at

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Janelle Miller said...

Are you kidding? I had no idea about Momento. I love you and this blog post!!! Excuse me while I run to the app store

1/23/2013 8:30:25 AM

emmajohns said...

I like the One Day app. It lets me set reminders to go off every day so I can take a minute and jot something down. You can also attach pictures and use #s.

1/24/2013 7:12:14 PM

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