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My son is a snowboarder....

My son Ty is in love...

with snowboarding.

Good thing we live in Utah.

He goes to the ski resort as much as he can. Seth and Ty go

together since they both have a season pass. They actually went up to the ski resort this morning. Not only does Ty love it... he LOVES to film it and then spends hours putting together videos of the day. I love that he is being creative!


He loves to make videos with his Go Pro. Okay... I am sharing his talent and love. I hope you will watch it. Ty would love it!!!!! I love that they put the falls and oops on the video too. Gotta love technology!

I love that Seth takes him each week. So really my son's snowboard. I love them both.


Happy Saturday- we are waiting and watching to see if little Koda improves. The neurologist thinks he might have meningitis. Thanks you so much for your advice and support. Today we are meeting with a potential wedding photographer. Excited to have Gentry and Devan come home. They are both so busy with college and work. I love weekends with family!

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