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Paper Technique: Twine-Laced Tags

Want to add a country flair to your projects? I love how the twine lacing worked on this layout!
Honkey Tonk | Cosmo Cricket 2013

In other news, it's a humid day in Austin, Texas. But I'm not complaining for two reasons.

First, the schools in northern Utah were closed yesterday for too much snow. I lived in northern Utah my whole life, until now, and I can tell you that it takes A LOT of snow to close anything. One year we had to shovel snow from our roof to keep it from caving in from the weight. Between the snow on the ground and the new snow from the roof, we literally had to dig a tunnel to get out our front door, but the only day that year I remember the school closing was due to power outages from wind.
Second,  I love humidity! I love the way it plumps up your skin and makes the floor feel damp. In southern Utah, where my parents live now, there is little snow, but even without the snow, I don't like the climate. The air is so dry there that in the time it takes to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, your bread feels like croutons. 

So, I will enjoy this humid day even if it is warping my layout ever so slightly. :)

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