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Hot Soup

Cold weather combined with cold symptoms, coughs, sniffles, all-over body ache etc.  made it seem like a good idea to make some nice hot soup. 

A healthy eating photo challenge made it seem like a good idea to take pictures of it. So here is Spicy Chicken Soup with Lentils



I can see that , from the pictures, it looks more like carrot soup with grease globules, but it can't be seems the chicken and green lentils like to sink to the bottom while the fat from the chicken rises to the top....the carrots? okay, to be honest,  I had some carrots I wanted to use up, so I did kind of overdo the amount of carrot I put in. 

Still it tasted pretty good, according to my family. I had to take their word for it because with this blasted cold I can barely taste anything. 

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patspix said...

Admittedly, I am a little odd but I like the patterns created by the grease globs. Warm spicy soup sounds really good today!

1/29/2013 2:06:39 PM

deragirl said...

Mmmmm! That is what I needed for lunch today. I might just go home and make some chicken soup!

1/29/2013 7:06:34 PM

DaRyZe said...

I like the patterns to :). It looks yummy!

1/29/2013 11:16:19 PM

bendedroad said...

It looks warm and tasty. Soup is a hard one to photograph - but as the others pointed out, it does present interesting patterns.

1/30/2013 6:05:49 AM

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