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Upcycling the World with Tombow Adhesive – with Jennifer Priest

Over the last couple years I have really enjoyed finding damaged yet inspiring objects and breathing new life into them. This altered globe is one of those projects.

Right now, globes are very popular – people are painting them with chalkboard, decorating their homes with them, making light fixtures from there — a few minutes on Pinterest will yield LOADS of globe ideas! Because of that, globes in good shape are difficult to find and even more difficult to find at a reasonable price. We’d likely not want to alter a globe we paid $75 for! 
However, damaged globes are pretty easy to find and super affordable! I pick up most of my globes for altering at Target in the clearance section for $12 or less. Even the dollar stores have globes at times.   

To create this globe takes a couple of hours and excellent adhesive, such as Tombow’s Mono Multi Liquid Glue.

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Gather the patterned papers in the colors desired for the globe. Punch 1.25″ circles from each of the patterned papers. Fewer circles will be needed for the areas nears the “poles” of the globe and a full 12×12 sheet is likely needed for areas near the “Equator”.
  2. Lay the circles out in strips in the order they will be applied to the globe. This way it is easy to keep track of how the colors will go together.
  3. Using Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue, apply a row of circles around the South Pole of the globe. Make sure the circles overlap slightly. The more they overlap, the more circles will be needed. Also, the larger the globe, the more circles will be needed. For this globe, I used 6 circles for the South Pole.
  4. Continue applying rows of circles to the globe, following the Latitude lines on the globe as a guide.  
  5. After the globe is completely covered with paper circles, add a cluster of embellishments to create a focal point. Tombow’s Power Tabs would be a great way to permanently affix bulky embellishments like the felt flowers and dictionary paper flowers on the globe above. Or use Tombow’s Fastener Tabs to create removable embellishments – change them for every season!
  6. Twist the ends of a 6″ piece of jewelry wire into a small spiral. Tuck one end under an embellishment and adhere to the globe. Affix a hand cut butterfly to the other end of the wire using Tombow Mono Adhesive – Power Bond Runner  sandwiching the wire spiral between the butterfly and a small scrap of paper.
  7. Spray liberally with a shimmery spray mist and allow to dry. Now its ready to display!
Do you have a damaged item you could upcycle into gorgeous home decor? What would you create? Please share in the comments section!!
Thank you for visiting the Tombow blog today :)
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