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From Sparkle to Splatter

Over the weekend we had snow and then some more snow and everything was covered in a sparkling white coat then, on Monday afternoon,  it started to rain, and all day yesterday it rained and today it is raining and the temperature is the warmest on record for January 30th here, and the white snow is all gone and the garden is a sea of mud.

Just after the rain started but before all the snow was gone I caught this little visitor to my garden. He hopped in, sat for long enough to let me get one shot of him then hopped out again. 


Later as the rain kept falling my male Cardinal came back sitting amidst all the water drops dripping from the branches. 


Today is still the same grey rainy weather, so look for more wet pictures here tomorrow.

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deragirl said...

Love both of these. What lens are you using? You get in so close and so clear.

1/30/2013 3:06:29 PM

gardencat said...

It's a new lens I just got, the Canon 100mm-400mm zoom.

To be honest I don't get in all that close since the pictures I posted are crops from larger pictures. But it does get clear enough shots(sometimes) that you can get decent usable crops.

It isn't quite as fast, or as long, as I would like, so in anything less than really bright light I find I really need to use a tripod. But, the next step up in either length or in aperture jumps into the stratosphere in price and I already feel guilty about spending what I did on this one, so I will just have to work to learn and get the best shots I can out of this.

1/30/2013 7:36:13 PM

redsie05 said...

Especially love the fuzzy rabbit!! Adorable!

1/31/2013 7:26:29 AM

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