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Summer Love: Another Treat from Miss Debbie Olson

Debbie Olson for Cosmo Cricket
To me, this card just screams friendship!

I got Debbie's permission to dissect it for you. Or course, Debbie has years of experience and tons of practice with cardmaking, stamping and coloring, but there are some simple tricks that she uses too.

Most of these tricks seem insignificant on their own, but working together they can really step up the look of a project. I'm going to try call them out for you more often in the hopes that we help a new crafter, motivate a past crafter or even inspire an avid crafter.
Tips, Tricks and Trends | Debbie Olson for Cosmo Cricket
Since this card is about friendship, today I will share a story about a friend... I know she is reading this post.

Yesterday there was more snow in Utah, but by evening in Austin the temperature was a pleasant 70 degrees. The breeze in the air was refreshing and the sun was low casting a warm, pink colored light over my world that was almost breathtaking.

My friend was complaining about the terrible Utah weather and I didn't want to gloat about my nice weather (I always hated that when people did it to me... MOM!), but the evening was so beautiful that I couldn't stop myself.

I apologized after my friend told me that maybe I should sell real estate in Austin. I laughed and told her there was a perfect word for my evening. She wouldn't believe it was really a word. I promised it was and I promised I would use it in today's blog post.

Since I know she is reading, the word is gloaming. 

Have you ever heard of it? It means twighlight, but it comes from a German word whose origin means to glow.

This is not to be confused with glooming which is how I spelled the word for my friend. Glooming means a depressing darkness. 

Isn't it funny that I said the word for my evening and spelled the word for my friend's?

So dear friend, I hope your "glooming" days are over and you find yourself in the "gloaming" soon... and if that gloaming is in Ausin, I expect a commission!

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