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How We Created TV Dinner

This is Eric

This is Julie and here's how we developed TV Dinner.

The idea for TV Dinner was inspired for a project we were working on for the Smithsonian Museum of Art.

This is true. I met with a gal from the museum about creating some products for them to sell in their gift store associated with the Julia Child's kitchen exhibit. In true Julie Comstock fashion, I promised her we could do some great things and then called up Eric and said, "Hey, I know you just had knee surgery yesterday, but can you start drawing some mid-century modern kitchen stuff?"

After taking 6 Ibuprofen, I grabbed my sketchbook and got started.
Eric Comstock Sketchbook for TV Dinner | Cosmo Cricket
When Julie got back from NY, she took my sketchbook and created my drawings into digital art. Here's an example of how she turned my sketches into production ready files for notecards.
Eric Comstock | Kitchen Note Cards
I was really excited about how Eric's designs were working for the gift products and so I told him I thought we should do a kitchen inspired scrapbook line in a similar look. For this, I needed more art from Eric.

I was really excited to work on the line. I started sketching/doodling... well, actually I don't ever really stop sketching and doodling, I just started making sure I was drawing kitchen stuff that maybe Julie could use for the line. 
Eric Comstock Sketchbook | Cosmo Cricket
Eric's above comment is funny, because I don't think I actually used much of anything from his new sketches. However, I did find this little gem that worked into a pattern in the mini deck and on the border sheet. Here you can see how I take the sketch (now made into a digital art file) and start playing with it.
Eric Comstock Sketchbook leading to Patterning
I work in Illustrator and create a Master File for each collection. I can't pull a line together without seeing it all in one place. 
Working in Illustrator | Julie Comstock for Cosmo Cricket
I would like to say that I feel like I contributed to the Mid-Century Modern feel of the line.

That's totally you! It was there from the original work for the Smithsonian. Also, I think it was you that picked this color palette?

After the pattern work is done. We move onto embellishments. Eric's illustration skills really come into play with things like stickers and stamps! The stickers are where those flower shaped sketches do turn up, so I guess I have to stop teasing him about that!
Julie comes up with most of the product ideas. Her head is filled with them and sometimes she embarrasses me by blurting them out the moment she thinks them, whether in an appropriate setting or not.
That is true, but I have never absentmindedly started doodling on our child's school report.
Hey now, take it easy!

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