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Introducing Alex Smith – Part 2, an Interview

penny black alex smith biopicDidn’t you just love seeing Alex Smith’s images yesterday? Well, we’re thrilled today because Alex stopped by for an interview!

Where do you like to create? (studio, home, outside, indoors, etc?) 

“I mainly work in my studio which is just across the hall from my bedroom. I have a big(ish) window in front of my painting desk which I spend a good deal of time looking out of (I am a big fan of people watching!). My two dogs spend the day in the studio with me. They enjoy finding new ways to get into my waste paper basket without me noticing so they can steal bits of card to rip up (their favourite game), or else they just sleep by the radiator. Quite often, however, one or both of them find their way onto my lap which is not very helpful when you are trying to work! Luckily my dogs are very tiny so I can usually work around them. Otherwise, I always have a sketchbook on me, and a pencil, and I enjoy drawing everywhere and anywhere when I find I have a few moments to spare. Cafes are usually good places to work in my sketchbook, also, waiting rooms.

What advice do you have for individuals looking to grow and expand their creativity?

“I think the most important thing is to infuse your work with your personality. I think when you try to do something that isn’t very ‘you’, it really shows. There isn’t a truth to it. I also think that a lot of people think that to be a ‘real’ artist, you have to be influenced only by the area of art – fine artist, designers etc. I would say look for inspiration everywhere. Although I am an illustrator, other illustrators work actually comes fairly low down on the list of things that inspire me. I’m much more interested in cinema and animation, costume and set design, novels, comedy and children’s artwork, as well as silly things like the characters in saucy seaside postcards.”

What flavor of ice cream best describes your style and why?

“Wowzers! That IS a tricky question! Um… I’d say maybe something Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food – it’s quite familiar, but there are lots of things in it to surprise you! :-)

Thanks Alex! We’re so glad to have you illustrating for Penny Black.  Our designers and contributors sure are having fun with your images.

Designer Elizabeth Allan pulled out all the stops and used Special Girl 40-223, Sweet & Cute 30-153 (sentiment), and Mix & Match Cardstock:  Summer Sun 17-002 to make this


Designer Jill Foster created this gorgeous card using 40-216 Granny’s Cake, 30-173 Charms, 30-101 Hedgie Friends:


Designer Cathy Andronicou created this amazing paper-pieced confection using Melle Papillon 4300K, Venetian Summer 40-217 and Madison 80-001


and she also made this totally phenomenal card using Lulu On the Moon, Storm 01-001


and finally, a card from designer Alexandra Siruge-Macleod using Melle Papillon


Don’t forget, Alex’s stamps are available in our online store today!

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