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Faber-Castell USA is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and is part of the global network of Faber-Castell companies operating in countries such as Australia, Brazil, and Malaysia.

Faber-Castell is celebrating it's 250th Anniversary this year! Today Faber-Castell is world renowned for its high quality, professional art supplies in the Art & Graphic line, as well as its fine writing instruments and accessories in the Design, and Graf von Faber-Castell product lines.

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Aged Recipe Index Cards


Swapping recipes is something I really enjoy as well as learning about their origins. They all have a great story behind! Is it all fashioned these days to keep them in a recipe box? Well, I do have one in my kitchen...

Swapping recipes often happens at family or friends gatherings. Everyone wants to know how the food served was made. Some guests might even take some hand written notes.

How about sending them home with a unique keepsake from your gathering? You can have some recipe index cards ready for them to fill up or design a recipe card index bundle illustrating the menu.

A nice keepsake for guests to take home! Show off your artistic and culinary talents at the same time!

Tinting recipe index cards background:

Adding a tint adds a weathered, vintage look to your recipe cards.

Using PITT® Pastel Pencil: 1122-106*** slightly paint the background of your recipe index cards.

Smudge the surface using your fingers.

Using Gelatos® Colors Butterscotch paint the edges of your recipe index cards and smudge with your fingers.

Using Gelatos® Colors Chocolate paint the edges of your recipe index cards and smudge with your fingers. This darker colour will add more depth to them.


Sketch drawings of your sweets.

Once ready draw your sweets on the right side of your recipe index cards using Drawing Pencil 4B.


How to paint my Strawberry Cake:

Using Art GRIP® Color Pencils: 132 paint and cover the outside of the cake. This will be the frosting.

Using Gelatos® Colors Light Pink from the Red pack to achieve a textured background.

Make a past using a little water and apply it to the background.

Draw stylized strawberries on the textured background using Stamper’s Big Brush Pen: Pink

Paint the divide sections of the open cake alternating with: PITT® Artist Pen(s): Cadmium Yellow 107*** and Art GRIP® Color Pencils: 132.

Then used PITT® Artist Pen(s): Copper252 to add more definition to your cake illustration.

Using Art GRIP® Color Pencils: 147 paint the cake base/plate.

Using PITT® Artist Pen(s): Indanthrene Blue 247*** draw the edges.

Using Stamper’s Big Brush Pen: Pink draw small flowers on it.

Drawing the heart cookies is optional. They have been coloured using Stamper’s Big Brush Pen: Pink and PITT® Artist Pen(s): Cadmium Yellow 107***.

Hand write your recipe on the left side of your new aged recipe index card.


Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Products:

Drawing Pencil 4B

Art GRIP® Color Pencils: 132, 147, 119,151.

Gelatos® Colors: Chocolate, Butterscotch & Light Pink from the Red pack.

Stamper’s Big Brush Pen: Pink

PITT® Pastel Pencil: 1122-106***

PITT® Artist Pen(s): Copper252**, Cadmium Yellow 107***, Indanthrene Blue 247***


Recipe Index Cards


Gabriela Delworth is Product Designer & Instructor with over ten years of experience in the creative industry. She designs and develops high-end products for leading arts & crafts manufacturers and publications. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Living in one of the most multicultural cities in the world she finds inspiration in every corner.

Gabriela blogs at: where she shares a variety of tutorials, news from her studio and information about her workshops.


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