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CHATTY SCRAPPERS - February 2013

CHATTY SCRAPPERS (once known as the Calendar Girls) is celebrating their second month with a new name. February is a month filled with snowy days and warm hearts bursting with love. So grab yourself a hot beverage (cocoa? coffee? tea? or maybe a hot buttered rum?) and come join us. We like to chat; we like to scrap but scrapping is not a requirement to participate. However here are some great challenges to inspire you from some of our regulars. Feel free to link ALL projects you do to the thread whether they match one of these challenges or not because we LOVE to see what you are up to. And remember February is a short month...only 28 days so don't delay.


Use this photo as a jumping off place: aren't these colors fantastic?


The object of this challenge is to use the layouts that you've been adding to your Bookmarks. You know that you liked them, but how often do you remember to use them as inspiration to make your own?

For this month's challenge, use the second layout on the second page of your Bookmarks. Let any part of the layout inspire you, use it as a sketch or just the colors or the theme, let the layout decide! You'll be amazed what it will do on its own.

A very important part of this challenge is that you should send a message to the Pea that inspired you. It will brighten their day! Also, add a link to their LO in the information section or the comment section. Please be very specific about identifying that you lifted that Pea, we don't want to have any hurt feelings by not giving credit where credit is due.


Everyone loves embossed I'm going to tell you how to achieve that look digitally. Then use an embossed title or embellishment on your project. Just because I dabble in digi doesn't mean you have to (paper, hybrid and digi projects welcome ALWAYS).
Using PSE7 (although Photoshop is similar and I suspect other digital scrapping programs might be as well)

1. Open a new page (File|New|Blank file or CTRL-N) remember if you use MAC use CMD instead of CTRL key

2.Add paper layer (File|Open and go to file where papers are located, select and enter or you can open your paper and drag and drop it into PSE) I like to use a paper with some texture. Drag paper to your new page.

3. Make a duplicate layer of your paper (in layers menu on right, highlight paper layer then either Right click|duplicate layer or hit CTRL-J to make a copy above it) You now have 2 layers of the same paper. Keep the top layer highlighted.

4. For a text horizontal mask tool on the left (right click on T, select the hollow T), drag a large text box onto the page. Select a thicker and larger font for better results. Type your words. Select check box when you are done typing. Your words will be outlined in marching ants.

5. Go to SELECT|Inverse or Hit SHIFT-CTRL-I to select the area outside of your text. Hit Delete. Only the word will remain on the top layer.

6. You are going to add a bevel. You can do this in 2 different ways. You could go to Effects menu on the right, select Bevels and pick a bevel you like. Sometimes these are bolder than the look you are going for, so if you want a subtler look, you may need to add a shadow layer first. Click on the fx in the layer to adjust size, distance and opacity of your shadow to your liking. And add a bevel, select a size that works for your font size. Voila you now have embossed your title.

You can do similar steps to emboss a shape.

1. duplicate your paper layer

2. add your shape (either a png file or using your custom shape tool(heart shape tool-may need to right click on the rectangle to select it) select a shape and stretch it as big as you want on your page. Simplify it so you can edit it. Right click on layer in the Layers Menu and select simplify layer. need to right click on the rectangle to select it) select a shape) Simplify it so you can edit it. Right click on layer in the Layers Menu and select simplify layer.

3. CTRL-CLICK on the image box to left of layer in the Layers Menu to highlight the shape with the marching ants. SELECT|Inverse or Hit CTRL-SHiFT I to select area outside of shape. Hit delete.

4. Add bevel, or shadow and bevel to get the look you want.
Have fun with this. I think it's very cool. You can add as many embossed shapes, letters, borders etc just make sure each one is on a separate duplicate layer of your paper.



This month your challenge is to stitch around a shape. You could interpret this in many different ways - stitch around a diecut shape, a photo, your title letters, a stamped image, etc. On my page, I misted over a mask, and then added stitching for extra dimension:

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Here's a link to the last page of JANUARY'S CHATTY SCRAPPERS' thread. January's thread

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