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2WENTY- THR3E: Hex & Heart Coasters


All my hexes live in Texas.

I have decided that coasters are my size of quilt! I love making them. They are so cute and quick and I haven't found anyone that doesn't like to get them as gifts... or at least anyone that will tell me to my face!
Hex & Heart Coasters | Eric and Julie Comstock for Moda Fabric
Did you know that Moda has pre-cut hexes in some of their beautiful solids? I was unaware of this little fact when I cut the fabric for my coasters. I found out approximately 30 minutes after!

Oh well, live and learn right!

I was going to do a tutorial to go along with these, but Eric thinks you all can figure it out on your own. Is he right? Do you need steps? Let me know. 

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