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WF13 And Then There Were Three Challenge

This challenge will begin on Saturday, February 9, 2013 and end on Monday, February 18, 2013 11:59pm CST.

Please note the change in the ending date of the challenge.  It has been extended because technical difficulties are making it impossible to upload our projects on Sunday, February 17.  You now have until 11:59pm EST Monday night to upload your work. 

The Challenge: 

For this challenge, you’ll be using the Triple Time Technique to make a card.  You stamp all three layers at the same time; it's so easy.  Here’s a video tutorial by Dawn Olchefske:


Supplies to make an A2 Card (4¼” x 5½”):

You’ll need three pieces of white, cream, or other light-colored cardstock measuring 2 x 3¼ inches, 3 x 4¼ inches, and 4 x 5¼ inches. ( ETA:  It doesn't have to be light-colored cs.  Check out prospurring's entry below.)

Also cut two mats and the card base measuring 2¼ x 3½ inches, 3¼ x 4½ inches, and 8½ x 5½ inches.  The last piece will be folded to make the card base.

          You’ll also need two or three shades of the same color ink, or you can use different colors.



1.  Use removable adhesive to temporarily attach the three pieces of light cardstock together centering each one over the next size up.

2.  Use the lightest color ink to stamp a background over the three pieces.  You can stamp all over or leave some white space—whichever you prefer.

3.  Use one or two image stamps with the medium and dark inks (if you’re using three shades) to stamp in different areas being sure to overlap all three pieces of cardstock.

4.  You can add shading by sponging on some ink, or you can leave white space.

5.  Separate the three pieces and attach them to their mats.  The largest piece will be attached to the card base.  (Before attaching my pieces, I put them one on top of the other to decide which way was going to be up and to make sure the stamped images flowed from one piece to the other.)

6.  Attach the two smallest pieces together, lining up the images.  At this point, you can add ribbon or twine.

7.  Now attach the piece you made in Step 6 to the card base, lining up the images.  In the Dawn’s video, she used foam tape for this step.  You can add embellishments if you want.

8.  You’re done!  Did you notice what terrific frames your two larger pieces made?  I think I’ll do this again just to make frames.  I could end up with three cards from this one technique.


Combining Challenges:

You may combine this challenge with other challenges so long as you complete the requirements for both and the other hosts agree.



1. Complete the task as described above.

2. When you post your project in the gallery, begin your title with WF13. Describe your project; tell how you made it and what you used. Check the checkbox for this challenge so that your entry will automatically show up on this challenge blog.

3. Go to the Discussion Thread, post a link to your project, and leave a comment to share something about your experience. This is also a good place to ask for help or suggestions.  I always get the best ideas from your posts to the Discussion Thread.

Here's a thread that explains how to post url's on your blog, in the gallery, and in your message board posts:  Posting Links.



When Winterfest 2013 has ended, I will randomly choose one participant to receive a $15.00 gift certificate for Two Peas.


Sample Cards:

 My card

I couldn’t find very many examples of this technique when I searched the Two Peas Stamping and Cardmaking Galleries, but here are two terrific ones:

One by Blaflarge that leaves more unstamped spaces and one by iring (Cindi) that has a unique center piece

If you Google “Triple Time Stamping,” you’ll find many cards under Images.  Lots of them use the center piece for a sentiment with very little image stamping.

I hope you have fun with this technique.  I'm looking forward to seeing your cards.  You never fail to surprise and teach me with your entries.


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