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WF13 Layered Stencil, Mask, Stamp


WF13 Layered Stencil, Mask, Stamp

Saturday, February 9th - Sunday, February 17th


And the winner is : djc (Daria)!! Congratulations!


This challenge is to use a mask, a stencil and at least one stamp.  The title says "layered" but you will end up with a single layer.  You can embellish it if you want (gems, glitter, etc) but keep it basically a single layer.  Of course if you want to mount it to a card, go ahead and mount it however you want, kwim?

Your creation must be inside a shape.  Mask off a shape, and create inside of it, and use another mask on the inside.  So your first step will be to make a mortise mask.  For this challenge it can be stamped or a reverse die cut, or taped off.  

Daniel gave a good description of a mortise mask in his masking thread here.

You will understand better after watching the video that inspired this challenge.
Heidi Swapp's video (used with permission, thank you!).


The object of this challenge :

1.  Create a mortise mask
2. Mask, stencil and stamp inside it.  (Heidi didn't mask inside, but I would like you to try it.  Lay down a mask, and then stencil over it.)  You do not have to use spray ink, use what you have.

3.You can add stamping after you remove the mortise mask (as Heidi did), or not, it's up to you.


The rules

1.  This challenge can be combined with any other WF13 challenges except for stencil and masking challenges.
2.  Your project does not have to be a card, or even a finished object.  Mine is in a technique journal for now.
3.  Your project must be new,  uploaded to the twopeas stamping gallery with this challenge box checked, and linked to the discussion thread in the stamping forum.  Please share a few comments in your thread post or gallery post.


Here is my sample with a description in the stamping gallery.  It was done in a Canson 140lb watercolor notebook.  

Here is the link to the discussion thread on the stamping forum.

I hope you have fun!
Any questions?  Just ask me in the discussion thread or send a peamail.

Cindi (iring)

Note : Heidi Swapp's video was part of an internet event hosted by Nathalie Kalbach called Creative JumpStart 2013. 



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