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More Snow

I have a rather odd set of photos for today, another series from yesterdays snowstorm but on a small scale.

I've been looking at some of the snowflake photos that have been posted on the board recently and feeling a tad jealous. I've looked around during snow flurries here to see if I could find my very own snow flake to try to capture but all I ever found were less than glamourous looking clumps of snow, no beautiful single flakes like those that seem to be falling on everyone else.

Yesterday during the big storm I discovered, stuck to the window on my back door, some tiny but individual flakes. 

They were very smal and mostly a little broken or missing an arm or two but, at least, they were recognizable flakes so I got out the macro to see what I could get. Here are my results:




Then I got up close and personal with one of those clumps that had been all I'd seen up till then, when I looked for flakes. It's not  a great picture butwhen cropped way in  it does show how those clumps are actually composed of pieces from tiny broken flakes.

I can't say that I find these images very visually stunning but I did find them interesting and, after looking for a photographable snow flake, for so long in vain, at least they gave me hope that there may be a beautiful flake out there, somewhere, with my name on it, if I can just be patient enough.

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tnjoann said...

Beautiful flakes!

2/9/2013 6:28:49 PM

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