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Style vs. Inspiration with Corrie Jones

We all have our own style, both for how we create but also what we like to see in the gallery.  It is fun to look in the gallery and browse all the beautiful projects and artwork.  Personally, I find tons and tons of inspiration in the Two Peas gallery.  Something I have noticed though is that although I enjoy looking at other scrapbooker's work whose style is similar to mine, I find more inspiration from different styles.  

Let's look at some examples.

(by sarahak)

This is clean and simple to me.  And totally gorgeous!  I love the less is more approach and the beautiful pops of color in the hearts.  

Soaphousemama(by soapHOUSEmama)

A mixed media piece of art!!  I love the texture and how the larger, handcreated elements work with the die cut pieces.  This makes me want to just play freely and get my fingers messy.

(by CristinaC)

Project Life.  Not something I do, nor do I see myself doing it.  But beautiful all the same.  This reminds me to scrapbook the moment, the everyday, the things I would otherwise forget.  It reminds me to keep things and do more than throw them in a box.

(by fevvers)

Jill is a storyteller.  I love that.  She inspires me to try to journal more, to record things and not be afraid of people reading my words.  She makes me want to use journaling as a design element, not an afterthought.

(by KristinaNicolaiWhite)

A two pager??  I do not do these.  But I love that Kristina shows me I could do one, in my style and have it all be beautiful.  I love how she uses large photos as well.  This page makes me want to step out of my comfort zone.

(by TiffanyHood)

COLOR!  WOW!  It is engery and beauty all together.  I love color, but this color packs a punch on it's own.  It makes me smile and inspires me to be bold.

Steph devlin
(by Steph Devlin)

Flowers in a vase on my counter are awesome.  Flowers on my scrapbook pages do not work.  But I look at this stunning beauty and I smell spring.  I want to reach out and touch the petals.  The color combination calls me to into my scrapbook room to try to replicate it.

(by loolabelle1961)

This gorgeous page inspires me to make art.  Scrapbooking is memory keeping, sure, but it is more than a craft.  It is art.  And its ok to just make art pages.  It's ok to not have a reason or a story written down.  Sometimes the creating is what is most necessary.

So I challenge you all to look through the gallery and see the inspiration in there.  To let yourself be inspired, let go that you have to see your style, and look for the beauty in each and every page.  We get inspired with new things as well as the tried and true. 

Happy scrapping!!


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