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I am thankful for SIX hours of sleep last night. I didn't wake up once. We spent the day touring Porto and having the most amazing day. We saw the most amazing buildings and the history here goes back centuries. The people truly are wonderful. 

Day 2 one best

Our first stop was the library. It actually is a famous book store. (they would not allow photos to be taken inside). I purchased playing cards for my kids, postcards for my scrapbook and magnets.

Day 2 two

I saw beautiful fountains and the most beautiful buildings. We walked up and down the streets. It was a sunny warm day. 

Day 2 three

This is my partner in crime. Tiffany and I came together for the second year in a row. She is the sweetest and the girl makes me laugh.

Day 2 four

I had never seen anything like this Catholic cathedral. It was amazingly ornate, gold and beautiful. THIS photo does not do it justice.

Day 2 five

The shopping was very inspirational. Can you see me in the sign????? I often find so many influences in the places that I visit. This was a very good day for me.

Day 2 six

I love the tile work and the various colored buildings. 

Day 2 seven

Again, walking up and down the streets was great cardio. 

Day 2 eight

The detail in the buildings simply are stunning. 

Day 2 nine

We went to the ocean and the waves were intense. We decided to get a little wet. We wanted to put our feet in the sand. (me, Tiffani, Pete (sizzix) and Kenzi (Tiffani's daughter). I even made a little message for my husband in the sand....

Day 2 thirteen

The sand was more like little rocks. I don't know if you can see I HEART YOU... but I wanted Ty to know that I love him. 

We had the most amazing lunch right by where we took the photo. It was a restuarant on the sea. The waves would crash right in front and below us. I had the most delicious tuna steak. I love seafood so I find the food here perfect for me.Patricia and her husband are the perfect hosts. They have taken us sightseeing and treated us to the MOST exquisite restarants. 

Oh and the event SOLD OUT!!!!!!! They literally are doing so well here. The scrapbook and crafting hobby is growing and this is just a blessing and joy to see come true for not only Patricia but the people here. I am so fortunate that she loves my products and distributes them. She is fabulously talented. 

Day 2 ten

We set up our rooms and they will rotate for the workshops. We have some great teachers here. Pete (Sizzix), Tiffani Smith (pebbles,inc), Patricia (Distributor/ Maggie Holmes project), Amy (Graphic 45), and me. I am honored and can't wait to start teaching later today. 

Oh, so cute... we have ten women from Spain. I ran into a few of the girls today in the hotel lobby. One lady said..."Oh, it's Teresa Collins." I smiled and said Hello. She then started talking to me in Spanish. I am sure it was a question. I just stood there since I did not understand her. This is ONE of my regrets... WHY did I not take Spanish in high school and college? It would have really helped me. Oh well, I can speak a few words in French. Well, it's pretty bad, but I did take 4 years in high school and at BYU. 

One last thing. All day today I bought postcards, journaled in my travel notebook, took 60 photos, and purchased gifts for my kids. It was a wonderful day. I love documenting what I did and where I was. I love free restaurant business cards so I can remember where I went. I love free maps and brouchures. Traveling is a indeed a creative adventure!!!!

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