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Saturday in Portugal...

Day 3 photo 1
Today the workshops began. I taught three workshops. This event has both women and men who attend the event. I always worry about the language barrier. Most students are Portugese but we have ten students from Spain and speak Spanish. I was worried that they would not understand me. I was so thankful that my workshops went so well. My heart was thankful and very relieved that they enjoyed my workshops and project. This is very important to me. I encouraged the students in my classes today to "CREATE from the HEART." Add meaning and purpose into "the story." It was a great day. 
Day 3 photo 2
Look at these beautiful women. I honestly can say that I am a better person from coming here. I feel like I see the world brighter and realize that what I am fortunate to be able to get to know each of them.
Day 3 photo 3
It is always so nice to teach and see happy smiling faces back at you. They are truly beautiful inside as well as on the outside.
Day 3 photo 5
I simply loved the view and the location. We had a wonderful day.
Day 3 photo 4
Day 3 photo 6
II am having the most wonderful time here. I will post more pphotos of my next workshops. 
PS... I am so thankful for SKYPE. I love seeing and talking to my family back home. Zachs team swept Herriman High School last week. McKay flew to Seattle with her best friend from BYU who lives there. She wanted to see what the city was like and have a little break after finals. Devan graduated from BYU. It has been a busy week.

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