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Behind the Designs: Kaitlin Sheaffer

 Kaitlin Sheaffer Profile

We are thrilled to have the talented Kaitlin Sheaffer with us here today to tell us about her first line with Carta Bella!  Enjoy reading about her process behind this beautiful collection.



Tell us about your upcoming collection.  Hello Again is my first collection with Carta Bella. It includes 12 double sided textured papers (24 designs) and one element sticker sheet and there's a 6x6 paper pad as well. 

What was the inspiration behind it?  I have a major love of stationery and office supply products so that is the direction I was headed with Hello Again. I used elements such as feather pens, memo pads and rubber stamps to convey an 'on my desk theme' and everyday and friendship sentiments. Once I started going with the line I realized adding elements like typewriters, telephones and word bubbles would tie in the ‘Hello’ part of the name. The entire line makes me think of writing letters or ‘chit-chatting’ with friends and family!  I used some watercoloring effects to soften the colors and give it a more tone on tone feel. 

  Hello Again preview


Where do you look for inspiration? Many places! Anything from a day out shopping or reading a book with my children at bedtime can be inspiring. Sometimes it's seeing something or it can be a feeling, but it can also be a need or want for something when I am doing my own scrapbooking. I am constantly collecting ideas for upcoming designs and keep a sketch pad with me at all times.


Once you have a concept for a collection, what is the design process like? I start by doing rough sketches and notes of papers and elements I want throughout the line. Typically my notes and sketches are a real mess and it’s usually just something to help me remember for when I am ready to sit down at the computer. This time I came up with a very broad color scheme so the designers at Carta Bella helped me narrow it down to a few key colors and I added in a few tonal colors to help soften the look of the line. I translate my sketches and notes to papers and elements that help convey the line and present them to the designers and creative director. They look over the designs and provide suggestions and help me to refine the look of the entire line. For ‘Hello Again’ some papers were in finished state early on and then some papers took a few times of me reworking to get them to fit with the overall theme better. Sometimes my initial sketches don’t work out at all and the design changes into something completely different than I pictured at first.



How do you decide on the name for a line?  For this line I had a name picked out very early in the development stage. But when the line was finished they suggested a name change. I was already using the word ‘Hello’ in the name and really wanted to keep it so I began thinking of different ways I could use the word 'Hello'. I was going back and forth between ‘Hello Again’ and one other name and remembered the Neil Diamond song, Hello Again. I thought it not only perfectly described the line but it also reminded me of my grandmother, who loved Neil Diamond. 


How do you name the papers?  Oddly enough, not much thought went into this part! I named my files on the computer as I created the papers. The names were just descriptive names to help me remember them quickly but not much thought went into them. When I submitted them, the names for the papers stayed as the file name unless the designers at Carta Bella/ Echo Park tweaked them. Next time I might put more thought into naming my files because I didn't remember that part of the process!  


What is the most rewarding part of developing a collection?  So far it has been seeing the papers and stickers in print! I was so anxious to receive them!  When I did finally see them I was so pleased with how it all turned out! It's great to see that change from screen to product and have the product actually be better than what you expected! I'm really looking forward to seeing people work with the line. When I was designing, I definitely had ideas in mind on how to use different papers but it’s so exciting seeing how creative others are with the papers and what ideas they have for them.


What is the most challenging? Because this was my first collection a lot of what was challenging at first was understanding what made a good paper. I was so accustomed to making smaller tags from Ormolu. I really had to examine what qualities I like in a paper and then consider how all of the papers went together in the collection. The designers at Carta Bella were so helpful in that they were able to provide me with suggestions and tell me what was working and what was not working. In the end I think the challenges I faced in the beginning really helped me look more critically at what I was designing and I learned a lot this first time around.


What is your favorite piece from your new release?  It's so hard to pick because I really love each paper for a different reason! Definitely the stickers because those were so fun to work on! I can seriously see using up every sticker on this sheet. The little paper-doll chain at the bottom has little heart cut outs in between so there are a bunch of watercolored heart stickers in the negative portion. I really can't wait to use all of those! 


I also had so much fun creating the 3x4 journaling card paper. I saved this sheet for last because I figured it would be the easiest for me since I have done so many 3x4 designs. I really love how it came out and how you see pieces of the entire line within it.


Thanks so much for sharing with us, Kaitlin!  Keep up with Kaitlin on her blog, and check out her line Hello Again in the Two Peas store here.

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