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Scrapbooking "All About Me" with Jennifer Kinkade

Our theme in the Garden this month is All About Me.  We've asked the Garden Girls to share a little more on this topic.  Here is Jennifer Kinkade!


How do you make sure to get yourself in a photo?  I *am* the photographer of our family. If I don’t take a picture or make sure to ask to have a photo taken,  it simply doesn’t get done. 

The great thing is with the development of self-timer apps like TimerCam or having a self-timer   option on cameras, it makes it easier to be included or take a self-portrait.

What is a recent favorite photo that includes you?  We were on our way to the beach over the summer and feeling a bit crazy, and of course my iPhone is always nearby. I decided to break it out and take a photo with my daughters in the background. It’s real life. It’s crazy. It’s me. I love it because it makes me smile :)

Just us_photo

Do you struggle with scrapbooking about yourself?  If so, how do you overcome it?  I think I used to struggle with scrapbooking myself because I always thought my family/my children were supposed to be the primary subject of my pages, but as I’ve matured that has changed. One of the major reasons I love photography and scrapbooking is because I always felt there was a lack of documentation and photographs from my life growing up. When I am gone, I want my kids to remember ME. The things I loved, what I did, what inspired me, my goofy side, my smile, my hair, or even how I looked at certain age and how I changed.

Make stuff_photo

What products feel like "you" that you reach for when scrapping yourself?  I definitely reach for ink, paints or mixed media products a lot. I also enjoy incorporating smaller embellishments like the arrow and star clips from Two Peas or enamel dots from My Mind’s Eye. To me, small things can have a big impact. I feel like my All About Me theme layout “hello” for Two Peas this month is a perfect reflection of what I reach for when I want to scrap myself.

Hello me

How have you scrapbooked yourself in the past?  I have an “All About Me” album that I started a few months ago that I am trying to fill up, and I actually do have 3 or 4 albums just about me from over the years. I tend to use layouts about me that focus on inspirational things to remind myself to be courageous and take chances or even to remind myself how far I’ve come as a person over the years. I also have made pages that focus on my interests--photography, my love for flowers or nature, or goals that I have made. That being said, pages about me don't necessarily need to include photos of me.

Every fallen tear

Hello fall
She vowed 2012

Scrapbooking has also been a form of therapy for me over the years. I have suffered some personal losses and challenges as anyone does, but I was able to use scrapbooking to ease some of that pain or even remember the impact the loss of a loved one has had on my life.

And of course, I have used scrapbooking to document my relationships with important people in my life, like my husband and daughters!!

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