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Scrapbooking "Me" monthly with Corrie Jones

A year ago, I decided that I was the most under represented person in my scrapbooks.  Sure I created the pages and wrote down the memories and took the pictures, so I guess there was a lot of my personality in there.  But there was not me.  Rarely, am I in the pictures and before a year ago, I never scrapbooked myself.  

It was October 8th, 2012 when I decided it was time I documented SOMETHING of myself.  To keep it simple, I wrote down 8 things I was feeling or experiencing at one moment during the day.  I figured, 8 things on the 8th would be easy enough.  I wasn't going to try to have a big story or anything for the 8 things.  Just 8 pieces of the real me, good or bad, and I would scrapbook these.  I hoped that I would do it every month and so far, so good.  That first page I did scrapbook that day.  Since then, I may or may not have been a little slow with the scrapbooking part, but I always take the time to stop at some point during the day and write out my 8 things.  

It has been so much fun to do this, and probably a little therapeutic.  There have been some pretty bad days and some amazingly happy ones.  I have all these pages in one album and not mixed in with everything else.  These are about me.

Here is my last year...













A year of pages.  A year of me.  I enjoy looking back on these and remembering these days.  I am so glad I am doing this.  The hardest part, besides keeping up with it, is the selfies.  Not my favorite kind of pictures, to be completely honest.  I have talked my hubby or oldest daughter to help me out with the pictures a couple of times.  

Tomorrow I will record me again and then I am going to post that page on the 9th.  See, I am throwing it out there to you to keep myself accountable.  Plus a year into this, I have turning it into a challenge for others to do with me.  No one should be missing from their scrapbooks!  I hope you will try to scrapbook yourself as well.  ~Corrie

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