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Photography tips with Becky


Hello Friends, Becky here with you today to share how I fit multiple photos onto my layouts.

I am pretty much a single page layout type of girl (double page layouts just aren’t for me) but sometimes I still want to be able to scrapbook multiple photos…

So what's the best way to fit a lot of photos on a single layout? Make the photos smaller!

And what’s the fastest, easiest and most affordable way I’ve found to get small photos printed?! Let me introduce you to a free program from Photility called PhotoSheet. 

PhotoSheet is great for printing small photos or collages for Scrapbooking and Project Life, for printing your square instagram pics, or just for printing the perfect size photo to fit into a frame.

Once you have gone to the Photosheet website and downloaded the program, your open program will look like this…


 As you can see, you can easily click and drag your images into the list in the Files area in the top left corner and then see a Preview of what your print will look like on the top right. You can choose the arrangement of the images in the Layout menu and the size you want your final print to be in the Sheet Size menu. You can order your prints in all the common print sizes such as 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 8x12, 12x12 and many more. With all the different arrangements and print size options available the possibilities are absolutely endless!

For the most part I still print my photos in the 4x6 size to keep it affordable, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Layouts…


Grid 2 gives you 2 prints that are 3x4


Grid 4 gives you 4 prints that are 2x3


Grid 6 gives you 6 prints that are 2x2


At some photo labs getting a 3.5x5 print actually costs more than a typical 4x6 print so this arrangement allows you to print a 3.5x5 image on a 4x6 print.


There are also a large number of collage style arrangements to choose from.


To create the layout I made to share with you today I wanted to use some 2x3 photos. So to begin set my Layout to Grid 2 and my Sheet Size to 4x6. I then dragged the photos I wanted onto the PhotoSheet.


Looking at the Preview you might notice that the two photos on the bottom as well as the one on the top right are supposed to be turned so that the image will be printed portrait rather than landscape. I easily fix this problem by clicking on each of the photos in the Files list and then check the box at the bottom that says Rotate Individual Photos.


After I did that you can see that all of the photos in the Preview are pointing the way I want them to and the little box is checked next to Rotate Individual Photos. It doesn’t matter that all the photos are not facing the same direction because you will see on my layout that I cut the print apart into 4 individual photos.


The final step is to choose the location of where you would like your new photo saved by clicking on the ‘…’ button in Output Location. Once your location is selected you simply hit the Start button to save your new image!


Another fun thing you could do now that you have your new image is to open up the file in your favorite photo editing software and add textures, filters, text, journaling or any other effects that suit your project.


And here is the print that I picked up from the photo lab…

PhotoSheet 6x4

4 small photos for the price of a regular 4x6!!!

I used my 4 small photos along with a focal photo printed at 4x6 to create this fun fall layout of my little man. I used the Happy-Go-Lucky Collection which I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


Happy-Go-Lucky Paper Chipper / Happy-Go-Lucky Paper Gleeful / Happy-Go-Lucky Paper Stripes / Happy-Go-Lucky Paper Carefree / Happy-Go-Lucky Sticker Fundamentals / Happy-Go-Lucky Tape Stickers / Happy-Go-Lucky Label Stickers / Happy-Go-Lucky Small Decorative Tags / Happy-Go-Lucky Ephemera Pack / Happy-Go-Lucky Button Set / Gray Alpha Stickers





Well, I hope you learned something new today. If you have used PhotoSheet before or if you are just giving it a try for the first time I’d love to hear what you think of it, and I’d love to see what you create with smaller photos as well!

- Becky

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