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WF14 Wet n Wild

For this challenge you will need a "line" image stamp (solid stamps won't work as well) and at least one inkpad that is NOT waterproof.  You may use regular cardstock or watercolor paper.  I think regular cardstock may give a nicer result but try whatever you want!  Please ask any questions on the thread for this challenge in the stamping forum.

The technique is known as Wet Paper Stamping.  Here is a tutorial:

1) Wet your piece of cardstock or watercolor paper. (I used a spray bottle, but you could use a really wet piece of paper towel, or however you want to do it.)   The amount of water you use will affect the result - it does need to be quite wet.  Your paper will likely curl.

2) Stamp your line image with an ink that is not waterproof. The ink should bleed. (Looks quite nice at this stage if you ask me!)

3) Let the paper dry or use your heat gun to dry it.

4) Reink your stamp (you may use the same color or a new color.  The ink you use for this step may be waterproof.)  Stamp it over the blurry image. 

Your results will be very individual, but you will notice in my image the stamp is kindof  "colored" in with perfect shading.  

I hope you will try this and have fun!!


I will pick a random name from all the eligible entries for a prize!


1) Follow the technique above and complete a project (Card, ATC, layout or other papercrafting item) using the technique.  

2) Upload a photograph of your project to the TwoPeas gallery and check the box for this challenge. (If at all possible, please use a computer for this portion.  It is a known glitch in the TwoPeas app that projects will not be linked to challenge blogs.)  Don't forget to leave some details of how you made your project/materials etc in your gallery post.

3) Link to your project to the thread in the stamping forum so we can all find it easily to leave comments and praise!

4) Yes, you may combine this with other challenges, but I do want this to be an OBVIOUS part of your project. Thanks!!

Hope you have a lot of fun with this!!


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