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WF14 Color Me This

Thanks for checking out my challenge. As you may have guessed this challenge involves colouring.I'm hoping to motivate you to rediscover some of those outline stamps that lend themselves so well to being coloured in and maybe to discover or be reminded of some different methods of applying that colour.

The basic requirements are; to stamp the same image two times and then colour them using different methods.

So, you could colour one with watercolours and one with Prismacolour pencils, or one with crayons and the other with alcohol markers etc.  You can use similar colour tones in the two images or wildly different colour choices. Once you have finished colouring you need to turn one of them into a finished project, It could be a card, or a page layout, or some sort of collage piece but the coloured image needs to be a substantial part of it. If you want to take both images to the finished stage, so much the better but the requirement is just for one.

Then, you need to post pictures of the finsihed project, and the other coloured image  in the gallery, check the box for this challenge and link that up to the challenge thread on the stamping board, Also, your post should explain the method you used to colour each of them. I'd appreciate any info you want to give on the process, like any difficulties or little tricks you encountered along the way, or if you much prefer one method to the other but, as long as you name the colouring medium used, you'll meet the challenge requirements.

Here are my samples:

This is a really cute House Mouse stamp generously RAKed to me a few months ago by April. The first one below was coloured using watercolour pencils and a fine paint brush. The second version done with Copics ( and a couple of Touch) alcohol markers.


I'm going to include another set in the gallery to start things off, once the challenge officially opens, so have a look at those too if you want another example.

I hope some of you will take the challenge as I'm looking forward to seeing the different effects you acheive with those different colouring methods.

There will be a small RAK for this and this challenge can be combined with one other, as long as the coloured image is a major part of the finished project.

PS.  I'm from Canada so I spell Colour with a u in it. Aftter spending so much time on US designed sites however I have been exposed to a lot of 'color' so now I tend to flop back and forth between the two spellings...apologies if this is confusing to anyone. Oh and BTW, it's really zed, not zee at the end of the alphabet!

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