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Still Lovely...

I'm suffering a bit of flower envy right now, after seeing some lovely shots of fresh flowers by another pea. So, trying to make the best of what I do have, I found these seed heads still on my sedum plants since the fall. They've made it through snow, and ice, and high winds, and still have a certain beauty of their own. I shot them against a soft coloured background and added some textures.



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patspix said...

Nice image---I know how very small those sedum flowerettes are! Don't feel badly about the flowers---most of ours are still at the nurseries, except for the early early spring bloomers. By the way, I would love to find some peonies! I can smell one right now.

2/25/2014 6:18:57 PM

scrappymo! said...

These seed heads are wonderful. You have caught them well with your camera...they almost look gilded on my monitor!

3/2/2014 5:10:41 PM

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