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A Mother's Worth

Original Author: Tracie Claiborne

A MOTHER’S WORTH Who can place a value on the worth of a Mother? For the deepest of devotion, there truly is no other. She nourishes, encourages and guides us in our path, Offering wisdom on all subjects like Reading, Writing, Math. Watching us so carefully, she duly plots our course, Guiding with gentleness, careful not to force. When we fall astray, she quickly lifts us up, Helps us get back on our way, tells us when to stop. A hug, a kiss, a gentle word and all is well again. For mothers aren’t just there to love, they’ll also be a friend. She wants the best, she won’t take less, she’s fierce in loyalty. Why by the way she brags on us, you’d think us royalty. Through Kindergarten to High School we ask for her advice. She teaches us to say our prayers and always to be nice. If only we could take her word on lessons she has learned. Instead of finding out ourselves how quickly life can turn. She prays to God to watch ore us and keep his angels near. Just one of many reasons why a Mother is so dear. For none will love you like a Mother, her love is always true. She loves no matter where you are or even what you do. Might be because she brought you here and feels responsible. But mostly it’s because her love just makes her heart so full. She probably remembers the moment we were born, When with love she looked at us and held us in her arms. The world was bright, the sky was blue, the birds sang a sweet song, She realized she had someone to love her from then on. Someone who would find comfort in the mention of her name, And run to her with opened arms to soothe their hurts and pain. So never underestimate the value of a Mother, Remember her and honor her and most of all just love her.

User Comments:
I wrote this poem a while back about my own Mother but after becoming a Mother myself, I feel it applies to me and my child. I thought someone might like to use it on their Mother's Day layouts.

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