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Shelley Laming
By Shelley Laming

When did you start scrapbooking? How were you introduced to it?
I began scrapbooking in late '97 after seeing a beautiful album that my cousin, Stacy, made for her daughter. I was interested in scrapbooking immediately because I loved the idea of creating something for my daughter that she could look at for years to come. I was also immediately hooked because I have always loved paper and stickers. :) Like Margie, I can clearly remember saving my allowance to buy those tear off stickers at the mall. Loved those rainbows and hearts! ;)

What are your sources for inspiration?
Inspiration is all around us -- sometimes in the most unlikely things. I can be inspired by a food label, billboard, or magazine ad. I also love to look at greeting cards (the Fresh Ink line from Hallmark is my favorite!) for inspiration.

How do you get started on projects (layouts, etc)?
I would love to say that I am a very organized person who plans accordingly to meet deadlines. Unfortunately -- it seems I am always scrapping like mad right before a Garden dealine to get things done. My biggest goal for '05 is to make time each morning for scrapping so I can put more thought into how I create each page. I always begin by trying to choose colors that will enhance my photos. Then I just work from there -- almost always doing something twice before I am happy with the results. I put down then pull up things often. :)

What things do you like to communicate through your work?
I want to communicate the love and pride I have for my family. I want to leave pieces of me on each page so that years from now someone can get a sense of who I am by looking through the albums I created. I not only want them to know my subjects -- but me as well.

What have been your biggest achievements or greatest layouts or moments with this hobby?
Being inducted into CK's Hall of Fame in '02 was a very nice surprise -- it still makes me feel a little giddy when I think about getting the news. Joining the Garden in May '03 was as equally exciting. I had been a part of the community here for awhile before joining the Garden ... so becoming part of something I had admired for so long was a great feeling.

What kind of goals do you have with your scrapbooking?
Like I mentioned before, I'd like to manage my time better so I can take more time on my pages. I'd like to begin submitting pages to magazines again. I'd like to take better photos ... I rely heavily on portrait-type shots, which can be very beautiful ... but I want to get better at capturing action shots.

Where do you scrap? Do you attend crops or conventions?
I scrap at home on a big old metal desk. I attended a lot of shows and CKUs when I worked for Scrapworks in '04. I am no longer working with them part-time, so I will be travelling much less this year. I will miss it in a lot of ways ... but in other ways I am happy that I won't be leaving my family so much.

Where does scrapbooking fit into your life? Do you scrap in the morning, evening, late night? when do you do your greatest work?
I used to be a late night scrapper -- I would often pull all-nights getting things done for deadlines. Now that I am married :) I am on a normal schedule of actually going to sleep at a decent hour each night. I am scrapping more in the mornings now -- which I am realizing I really like.

What does your family think of your scrapbooking?
My family loves seeing the pages I create for them. Chandler [my daughter, she's almost 12] usually tells me my page is "cool" and will ask me a few questions about the things I used on the page. Sarah [my step-daughter, she is 6.5] always smiles really big and says "Thank you, Shelley!" when she sees a new page about her. My mom (her 2Peas name is K29620) is definitely my biggest fan. Her continued praise and encouragement means so much. :)

Do you have a favorite product line, paper, sticker, or cardstock color?
Without a doubt, kraft cardstock is my very favorite "staple" of scrapbook supplies. I used to just use it a lot ... but lately I am reaching for it almost always. It's either kraft or textured white. I really like how these neutral cardstocks set off colors on a page.Other things I seem to always grab are Doodlebug "Just My type" letter stickers, Ki patterned paper, PSX pixie Antique Alphabet stamps, ribbon, etc.

What do you want the peas to know about you?
That I love my family, my life, my friends. I love that this hobby has brought so much to my life: wonderful friends, a creative outlet, a way to communicate thoughts and feelings now as well as 50 years from now. I love vintage stuff -- especially old greeting cards from the 30s and 40s. I am a movie buff -- I especially love oldies like Pillow Talk, That Touch of Mink, etc. as well as period pieces like Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility.

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