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Posted 2/11/2012 by scrapeadiva in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 2/11/2012 12:56:50 PM
Can someone please explain the correct way to open, trace and cut a jpg? I tried bringing into the software and when I trace it appears an extra red line is being put inside my design underneath the desired cut line.

Please help - thanks!


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Posted: 2/11/2012 1:21:14 PM
I may not be much help since I'm just learning how to do this myself. But when I want to do a print & cut, I usually cut out the part of the picture that I want to print so that I don't have all the extra stuff around it to deal with. Be sure to only click the trace outside lines button. You can go in & work the little boxes, and you can delete the boxes of the extra red lines you don't want. It takes some time to figure out when to double click, when to get the boxes highlighted, click on the other button to get the editing boxes to appear.

It makes sense to me, but I'm sure it won't to you. I tried.


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Posted: 2/11/2012 2:27:25 PM
Sometimes it looks like a double outline so you need to "edit points" to delete the extra line.

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Posted: 2/11/2012 2:57:44 PM
Also, in the YouTube video about this put out by Silhouette, they say to UNclick the High Pass box and then adjust the Threshhold. I have the best results with that. video here
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