How do you organize your scraps?

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Posted 3/20/2012 by Ladybug7398 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 3/20/2012 12:30:17 AM
Over the years, like many of you, I have accumulated MANY scraps of paper. Currently, I have them stored in a 12x12 plastic box, but it is such a mess. Sometimes it is easier to just cut a new piece of paper then search for the one color or pattern I am looking to use.

I'm not wanting to part with them because it seems that the more I participate in recipes swaps, make cards, and continue to scrapbook, I find a use for those little pieces of paper. The problem is that I need a better way to keep them organized so it isn't quite as frustrating.

How do you organize your scraps?

I appreciate any and all your feedback and suggestions. Pictures welcome too!

Thanks again!



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Posted: 3/20/2012 2:58:23 AM
I have a 4 drawer plastic organizer.

1st drawer....Neutrals
2nd drawer....blues, greens,& yellows
3rd drawer....pinks, reds, purples, oranges, & Peaches
4th drawer....Patterns,glitters, metalics, & textures

I only keep 1"x1" and bigger(with the exception of strips)My organizer's drawers are each just slightly bigger than an 8 1/2"x11" sheet of paper and 3" high. I do it this way because seperating scraps into each and every color takes too long for me. I also don't use orange or peach that often so even though it seems like a lot of colors in one drawer it really isn't. HTH


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Posted: 3/20/2012 7:50:41 AM
I have a cheap file box from Target. Inside are hanging file folders.
I have one folder for:

Holidays (4th of July, Halloween, etc)

Any patterned paper goes into the folder that is the predominate color. The multicolor is specifically for those papers that are even checkered or striped in many colors. I find it easy to reach down and pull out the folder to glance through it for the shade I'm looking for. It has a lid, so I can close it as necessary, but I usually leave it open.

I file Peach with Orange. To me, peach is a shade of orange. And Christmas was overwhelming the holiday folder, so I was able to create a second. It works for me, and I like that if I need to, it's easy to create another category. I also like how easy it is to file my scraps away.

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Posted: 3/20/2012 8:26:03 AM
I keep scraps from a collection with the kit until I am done using the kit. The same goes for scraps generated during an album project. Everything else is sorted by color in ziploc bags which I keep in a large basket.

In the near future - I am going to see about making some embellishments (dies, journal cards, etc) out of scraps and then I am going to stop collecting them.


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Posted: 3/20/2012 8:29:55 AM
I use my scraps constantly, so the key to keeping things under control, for me, is to always have them near. I have two open plastic tubs, very small, maybe 4x6 inches and I sort all my small scraps in those two little tubs. One for white pieces and other neutrals and one for colors.

I stamp, so having precut pieces of white and cream around saves a lot of time. So these two scrap tubs are always on my desk...always! (and on the side that I usually stamp things)

For bigger pieces I have one of my smaller scrap totes loaded with what I consider my essentials in terms of paper and flat embellishments. I use those big or medium plastic envelopes from M.'s and have one for PP scraps and one for larger pieces of cardstock.

I buy most of my Bazzill from my LSS and I know how much I pay for each and every sheet. I'm the quintessential frugal Yankee. I always go to those scrap envelopes first. I can't bring myself to purge scraps or even throw out a little piece, unless I've stamped on it, and it's a mess!

I'll try to post a picture of my scrap situation in an hour or so.

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Posted: 3/20/2012 12:27:21 PM
I have them in a bin, sorted by colors in page protectors. I also have my Christmas theme scraps sorted out, and a few multi-colored ones.


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Posted: 3/20/2012 12:31:06 PM
I have mine in a file folder thingy that has divided sections. it closes up and snaps and has a handle so it is pretty portable. I have one color in each section. And then I have a 12x12 clear plastic paper holder for my patterned scraps. I find these to be the hardest to use later because it's a pain to dig through it.

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Posted: 3/20/2012 12:40:42 PM
I have an expanding folder with different sections in it. Its see through and I put things in vague colour groups.It is a sort of concertina thing with an elastic closure. I have to force myself to go through it everytime I scrap or make cards!
I have a drawer for bigger pieces of card...more A4/5/6 size.

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